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I Can't Be Late for This Very Important... Tea Party!

We’re back to birthdays again. My first blog was about a trip and my own milestone birthday. This is about another trip and another 50th birthday: my friend Rachel Laibson.

Unlike the ladies only visit to Arizona and New Mexico this past March, this trip will be a family one. My husband Kwan, daughter Juno and son Henry will join me in a journey to Gloucester, Massachusetts, in early July. The theme for the party on the water – chosen by Rachel (far left in the photo below) herself: an Alice in Wonderland tea party!

And guess who’s catering? Yup, me – along with my whole family. It’s not new for us as family. My kids have helped with off-site catering and on-site events at the Harlem Yacht Club, where I’m the steward. Kwon is involved with on and off premises celebrations as well.I remember the time he had to travel all over Westchester County in New York for last-minute-needed chairs for a party. A family at the ready!

And family – my mom this time – is also a part of planning this event. What is most needed for a tea party? Tea pots and tea cups! My DNA is 99.9% English (no surprise DNA reveals for me!) – and my mom, true to that, has the best collection of those tea cups and pots. They are literally all over the house. What fun my daughter Juno and I have had going through her collection, discovering them in places and spaces, and carefully packing them for the journey.

I’ve also been planning this “tea party” with Rachel’s sister, Rebecca: picking out linens, talking about menus. To start, they’re will be gazpacho in a nice glass bowl. For sure we’ll have tea sandwiches, mini scones, and little tea cakes. And since the party is on the water, we’ll be serving up lobster rolls and a seafood platter including oysters.

And of course how could there not be a cheese board – probably the furthest away I’ve ever delivered one! There will be a kids’ snack board too, with mozzarella, fruit and such.Juno is thinking about games for the children: musical chairs, and “pin the tail on the white rabbit.” We’re making the white rabbit together – and will have cotton balls available for the tail.

In thinking about this trip, maybe there is more to my DNA than my British heritage.I’d say there’s “catering” running through it – gathering family and friends and food together for a truly centered life.

Have to run now to get ready – because I “can’t be late for this very important tea party”!

P.S. I was NOT late... and it was a fabulous time. Posting a couple of photos of the setup - and a video (musical chairs!). Well... I'm off again, to the next moment to savor.


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